Et tu, Bill Marriott?

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Bill Marriott, I'm disappointed in you. In this week's Travel Weekly, the chairman and CEO of Marriott International admits that he doesn't write all of the entries on his blog, Marriott on the Move; his public relations team contributes, too. That'd be fine, I suppose, if such posts were identified as being not by Marriott. But if you look at the handful of comments posted on the blog, you'll see that people think Marriott is doing the writing.

Why am I so annoyed by this? I'm not stupid (I hope), and I have a sense of how the world works; I know by now that a non-journalistic blog shouldn't be trusted more than a press release. I guess it's that I liked that Marriott was blogging; I thought that maybe he was really trying to communicate with his guests. And as someone who labors to blog interestingly and honestly whenever possible--sometimes to a fault--it irks me when I see PR types co-opt what could be a useful tool.

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