Eurail student travel discount

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Students riding the rails in Europe this year may qualify for a great deal: Buy an eight-day Eurail pass, and get two additional days free.

To take advantage of the discount, you need an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This internationally recognized student ID card provides discounts on tickets, hotels, and entertainment. (You must be a full-time student 25 or younger to qualify.) The cost of the Eurail pass depends on how many countries you opt to visit (3, 4 or 5 bordering nations, with a 3-country pass starting at $393.)

Once you buy the card for $22, you can use The Eurail offer. Visit the STA Travel site, visit your local STA Travel agency, or call (800/781-4040) to receive the offer.


Buy your Eurail pass by July 31, and use it within six months of your purchase. Once you start your journey, you must complete it within 10 days. You may buy multiple passes with this offer, but can only use it with your own ISIC and not for other people without one. This means you travel to either three, four or five adjoining countries on the second class youth fare. It will show the offer online upgrading to ten days when you select an eight-day pass. This is an ISIC exclusive offer, which means it's not valid for an International Youth Travel Card or an International Teacher Travel Card. Offer only good for people ages 12 to 25.)

—David Cumming

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