Euro Dips Under $1.30, Making Europe Affordable

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The value of the euro keeps tumbling to a one-year low against the U.S. dollar. That's great news for American travelers, who now have significantly more spending power while traveling around much of Europe.

Compare current rates to spring 2009, when we reported about the currency crunch, the euro was valued at $1.40. At that time, a €200 hotel room cost $280 for anyone paying with dollars. Today, with the euro valued at only 1.27, that same room costs only $254.

That's a big savings, but it gets even more dramatic when you compare this to prices in April 2008. Back then, when the euro was at an astounding 1.60 against the dollar, that same €200 hotel room cost $320.

When you multiply that €200 price for a longer stay, the effect of these shifting currency values becomes clear:

• 3 nights in the Spring of 2008: $960

• 3 nights in the winter of 2012: $762

The continuing economic crisis in Europe means that the euro will probably remain weak, with increased spending power for Americans, throughout the spring at least.


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