European Labor Strikes Change Cruise Itineraries

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Cruise ships are skipping ports like Lisbon, Portugal due to labor strikes.

When workers go on strike in Europe, travelers usually feel it the most at the airport (French airport workers even went on strike earlier this year to earn the right to strike). But the latest battle against austerity measures across the E.U. are also taking place at the ports, and that means diverting cruise ships or forcing them to stay at sea.

So far the strikes have been mainly at ports in Spain and Portugal. Cruise companies knew the strikes were looming and scrambled to change itineraries. According to an article in USA Today, Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas replaced a call to Lisbon, Portugal with a stop in the smaller Spanish town of Lanzarote while the Seaborn Pride stopped in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on Monday instead of Wednesday to still allow passengers time at the port before the strike commenced.

The strikes were planned to end later this week, but check with your cruise line if you have a European cruise scheduled this month. And don't expect compensation for skipped ports of call. Labor strikes typically fall under the "circumstances out of the company's control" rubric (same goes for airline tickets).

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