Europe's biggest tourist traps?

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Kissing the Blarney Stone

A new Lonely Planet survey finds that Ireland's Blarney Stone is one of Europe's many "tourist traps." Three out of four people said in a survey that the 15th-century Blarney Castle with its famous rock (to be kissed for good luck) is not worth seeing.

I must admit I agree about the Blarney Stone. Kinda overrated. But fortunately it's now well guarded. Back in the day, local kids were rumored to sneak in at night to piss on the stone the tourists would kiss the next day.

Another attraction most of 13,000 surveyed travelers say to skip is the London Eye, a "glorified Ferris Wheel" in the heart of the British capital.

But now it's your turn. What do you think are Europe's most overrated attractions? We're talking about specific experiences, not entire countries, please. Things like: Taking a gondola ride in Venice. Climbing to the top of The Eiffel Tower. Attending Oktoberfest in Munich.

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