Ever upgraded at a kiosk?

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When I flew down to Virginia a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to check in at home, so when I arrived at LaGuardia I checked in at an AirTran kiosk. It gave me the chance to upgrade for $40. I couldn't resist! Have you ever done it? Was it worth it?

This was a business trip, so my flight was being paid for by my company, but the company would never pay for the upgrade. (I didn't even try.) But I'm 6'3", so the extra legroom and seat width is very appealing. And I was feeling self-indulgent. After I was done upgrading--it was so easy--the kiosk asked if I wanted to check in for the return flight later that day. (Most airlines make you go on the outbound flight first.) And then it asked if wanted to upgrade on that flight for $40. As Britney Spears once said: Oops, I did it again.

How come more airlines don't try to sell cheap upgrades the day of the flight? Is it just that the seats are already being used by people cashing in points?

I wouldn't do it every time, and I'm not sure how much I'd pay for the privilege (and now that my credit card bill has arrived, and I have to deal with the $80). At the time, however, I loved every minute of it.

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