Extra, extra: Airline news roundup

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Delta's new airplane safety video has travelers buzzing. Katherine Lee, a flight attendant for Delta, has been nicknamed "Deltalina" for her resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Her good looks and finger-wagging charm may draw more eyes up to the screens to watch the pre-flight safety announcements. (via Delta's blog; Fox News reports that Lee is 33 and single.)

India'sJet Airways announced today that it will begin its first flights to American soil. Starting May 5, this airline will begin daily flights between San Francisco and Mumbai, with a layover in Shanghai. As we noted last fall, the airline raised the industry standard for economy-class seats. On this transpacific route, Jet will use economy-class seats that recline a full 40 degrees from an upright position. Each seat will have 32 inches of legroom, an usually adjustable headrest, and a 10-inch touchscreen TV with on-demand movie choices. Fares have not yet been announced.

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RELATED Israeli airlines will be adding flares to counter potential missile attacks to several planes that fly select routes in Asia and Africa, according to London's Guardian.

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