Facebook: A traveler's cheat sheet

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You've conquered the continents, now for the online world. Our intern Isha Dandavate offers a few tips:

I confess: I am a Facebook addict. And by addict, I mean that I am a typical college student who checks her account at least 20 times a day—usually more.

If you're a traveler who is new to Facebook, or have been thrown for a loop by its new interface, I have some advice on how you can get the most out of the website:

Friends: On Facebook, it's not quality but quantity that matters. Whether it's your neighbor's girlfriend’s roommate, or your boss, the more friends you have, the more people you can Facebook-stalk. Budget Travel has a fan page, of course. And you can also become a friend of our mascot Bud Travel by searching for "Bud Travel" (or click here on Bud Travel's name). You'll find the latest travel tips and photographs appear in the "news feed" on your personal Facebook homepage.

Applications bar: Consisting of little buttons that lead to your applications, events, photos, etc., this used to be in the upper left hand corner of your home page. It is now in the gray bar at the bottom of your page. Look on the bottom left-hand side for the word "Applications." Click on it, and a list of buttons will pop up. For free travel applications, select "find more," and search in the Travel category. I'm listing a few of my personal favorites below.

Where I've Been: Every traveler who has a Facebook page seems to have downloaded this application, which lets you mark on a map all the places you've visited. If you haven't used this fun application lately, you may be surprised by how much it has changed. Now you can also distinguish between places you've lived in or visited, add a short story about each location, and edit a profile that displays the languages you speak, your current location, and other fun travel-related facts.

KidNap!: In this fun game, you pick a world location and race to kidnap your friends to bring them there. (KidNap)

Traveler IQ Challenge: Test your trivia knowledge with this traveler challenge. You'll be asked to pinpoint the locations of famous cities and landmarks, and you'll receive an "IQ" score depending on how quickly and accurately you were able to answer the questions. (http://apps.facebook.com/travelpod-challenge/)

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