Family Travel: 12 holiday spots to let your kids burn off some energy

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Here's a roundup of 12 cool new exhibits at family-friendly, very interactive museums around the country.

Scholastic Parent & Child put together quite a handy list, and all of the exhibits can be enjoyed by your little ones at least through early January. Every parent knows that children's museums can be sanity-savers, especially during the hectic winter holidays, when playing outside just isn't an option and you're sick of being stuck in a house packed to the gills with relatives. A sample of what's new around the country:

Forts! You get to design and build your own hideout at the Chicago Children's Museum.

Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion. A display of 40 life-size, fully operational machines designed by the Renaissance master, which kids can touch and see how they work for themselves, at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, in Michigan.

Exploring Trees Inside and Out. Sounds like something of a dry lecture, but get this: With the help of a green screen, kids get to fly like birds (virtually) over the tops of trees. At the Boston Children's Museum.

Wherever your family is traveling this holiday season, there's probably an easy afternoon's worth of entertainment via a children's museum not too far away. To locate one, check out


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