Fare deals for right-brained folks

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Until now, there's been a common flaw with most Web travel agencies and fare-searching sites: They've been created by geeks, and these geeks tend to present information in ways that only super-logical people, such as Star Trek's Mr. Spock, can easily understand.

Luckily, a new service from FareCompare.com lets you find the lowest fare in a visually intuitive way. To check fares, you simply move your cursor across a map. As you do so, fares appear above the cities on the map. You can quickly see if you'd save more money by flying into an alternate airport at your U.S. destination, such as New York's J.F.K. instead of LaGuardia. You can also tell the website to show you only the fares you care about, considering your travel dates, preferred airline, and departure city. Check the feature out by clicking here. (Hat-tip to TravelWeekly.com.)

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