Fares: Come (Euro)fly to Italy, starting at $499

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Italian discount airline Eurofly is having a sale on flights in May. Starting at $499, you can book roundtrip, nonstop flights from New York City to Rome, Naples, Bologna, Palermo, or other Italian cities. You can only find the airline's fares at its website, Euroflyusa.com.--not through Web travel agencies, such as Orbitz, or meta-search websites, such as Kayak.

The price doesn't count taxes of $75 per person. But it does count a whopping $230 fuel surcharge, making it a pretty good deal considering the other nonstop fares out there. I'm seriously consider heading to Naples for some cheap, extra-crispy pizza.

(P.S. If you're booking within five days of departure, call customer service at 800/459-0581.)


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