Favorite new travel sites of 2010

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The future of travel?

Looking for smart ways to book your trips online? Never turn to an established travel website. Major companies have a negative attitude toward innovation: It's too risky. A key executive at Priceline once summed it up:

"We are rarely the first to anything. There's a great cartoon of the American West a long time ago: a man face down in the dust with an arrow in his back. He was 'the first mover.'"

All of the major companies leave innovation to startups. That puts you in a powerful position. We know from surveys that the average Budget Travel reader is an early adopter and a frequent traveler. You're usually the first to try new things, and you love to travel.

What's a new website or travel technology you really liked this year?

Here are some innovations we've covered at Budget Travel:

Hipmunk: Airfare search with a sense of humor

New site Wanderfly will be wonderful at inspiring travelers

New site TripAlertz is Groupon for travel

New site TripTrace wants to be your travel muse

TrustYou aims to use "semantic search" to highlight the most relevant hotel reviews

Autoslash can track changes in your rental car rate after you book your trip


Test Lab: iPad as travel tool

Test Lab: Kindle as travel tool

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