Fear of Flying? This Airline Has You Covered

Courtesy Eric Kilby/Flickr
British Airways wants you to relax

Are you part of the 25% of people that have some fear of flying? Then book your next flight on British Airways. On September 1, the airline is launching an in–flight video geared to calm your fears by explaining the technical side of the aircraft and why you shouldn't be concerned about turbulence. There will also be advice from clinical psychologists on relaxation techniques.

BA released a short preview, where a pilot with a soothing voice explains the rigorous training pilots go through.

This is all part of the airline's Flying with Confidence program, a one–day course that has been offered for more than 25 years. BA boasts that the program has helped more than 45,000 people with a 98% success rate.

Despite making a career out of traveling, I'm not the world's most confident flyer. I take the approach of staying blissfully unaware of how the mechanics work and attempt to blindly trust that the plane will go up and down as scheduled. What about you? Would watching a video like this calm your nerves, or make you more anxious?


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