Federal law on airplane movies?

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The Family Friendly Flights Act was introduced to the House of Representatives yesterday. It would force airlines to, as the New York Times says, "shield children from graphic content." What do you think about this? I have to say, my opinion of this surprises me....

At first, the libertarian in me roared, "What is the government doing getting involved in this? Hello, Iraq! Terrorism! Poverty! And so on!" But the more I thought about it, the more I related to the cause. As much as I detest being forced to see (even out of the corner of my eye) some stupid family movie starring Ice Cube (or, worse, Everybody Loves Raymond), I think exposing children to over-the-top violent stuff is wrong. (I'm still freaked out by watching that British TV show The Prisoner when I was a kid.) But I seriously hope parents are also being mindful about what their kids are watching on TV, and even more so, in computer games. Because that stuff is really gruesome.

While we're on the topic of regulating what people watch: I hope this potential legislation doesn't get confused with those nuts who are trying to get adult content banned from hotel rooms. While I've never watched a dirty movie in a hotel room (honest!), I absolutely believe in other people's right to do so. (Hotel rooms are sexy and you should be allowed to get a little frisky.) And I LOVE looking at the titles when I'm bored.

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