Fee rebates for lucky fliers

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On Wednesday morning, employees from the search engine Bing Travel will go to the Seattle and Boston airports, randomly pick 1,000 travelers, and reimburse them for them their luggage fees, up to $15 each.

"The whole idea is to bring a little surprise and joy into a traditionally painful day to fly," says a spokesperson for Bing.

About 1,000 folks at each airport will be picked. No specifics about terminals or airlines, but most of the vouchers will be handed out in the morning hours. Follow @Fareologist on Twitter for more information about the giveaway.

Any financial help will be welcome, as a few airlines have hiked their new "holiday travel surcharges" up to $50 each way for flying on key days during the holiday.

By the way, planning ahead for Christmas travel? Bing.com/travel can offer predictions on whether you should buy your tickets now or wait a little while for lower fares later.


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