Flickr's upcoming new tricks


There are many free photo-sharing websites, but Flickr is one of the largest, featuring 2.5 million photos uploaded daily by over 15 million members.

For travelers, one on the site's most interesting features is its World Map ( The feature takes advantage of the fact that about 42 million of the photos on its sites have been uploaded with geotags—labels like "Ghana" or "St. Paul's" that notes the spot where a photo was snapped. The map currently shows pink circles indicating where recent geotagged photos can be seen.

In a month or two, the improved world map will allow members to view the popular tag(s) more easily, noting interesting and newsworthy things going on in a specific location at any given time. When members click on any of the tags on the map, they will see a photo stream of popular and current images from that location. Before you plan a trip to a destination, you can get a lay of the land, like so:

And after your trip, you can use Flickr to record what you saw for all the world to see.

We'll update you when Flickr makes its change.

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