Flier's revenge: United customer gets even with hit music video

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Wow. Only three days ago, songwriter Dave Carroll posted a video to YouTube recounting how some United ground crew workers seriously damaged his guitar. Since then, it's gotten more than 450,000 views, and United called to make amends.

Here's the lowdown. Carroll had to pay $1,200 to fix his Taylor guitar on a spring 2008 set of flights from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Omaha, Neb. The guitar case had survived 50 flights in recent years with no problem, thanks to its foamy nylon exterior. But something went wrong on this particular United flight. And representatives for the company refused to own up to having caused any damage.

Carroll got a bunch of friends together to record the video for free. In the key of D, he sings about what happened.

And it became an overnight sensation. United contacted Carroll to apologize, according to the LA Times. See the video for yourself:

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