Frequent-flier mile expiration

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Are your frequent-flier miles expiring? We ran a piece a few months ago on how the new standard among airlines seems to be 18 months of no activity and your account can be closed. (For more on what "activity" means, read our original story or the rest of this post.) I was impressed by US Airways: I've had no activity since June 2006, so the airline sent me an email...

Here's what it said (there were links embedded, which I've removed):

"US Airways introduced a policy last year that rewards our customers for staying active in the Dividend Miles program. In order to keep your account active, you must earn or redeem miles within a consecutive 18-month period. Our records indicate that you have been inactive since 06-21-2006. We want to make sure you keep the miles you've earned. To keep your account active and hang on to your miles, you have several options:

Contact Dividend Miles at 800-428-4322 and pay a $25 preservation fee with your credit card.

Earn miles by flying on US Airways or any of our airline partners.

Sign up and earn miles with one of our credit or debit cards.

Use any of our other partners for everyday activities such as dining out, sending flowers and more.

Redeem your miles.

Shop with over 100 premium retailers for name-brand merchandise at the

Dividend Miles Shopping Mall, where you can reactivate your account for as little as 99 cents."

(Only a fool would pay the $25 fee, because as we noted in our original article, you can buy stuff via the airline's retail partners and it'll be considered activity.)

My bigger point is that US Airways did the right thing by letting me know.

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