Galway's hotels pricier than Tokyo's

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Galway is the costliest place to stay in Ireland, with hotel rooms costing about $200 a night on average, according to a recent survey of 30,000 hotels across 1,500 locations by's office in Britain.

Galway, arguably Ireland's cultural center, is also one of the costliest places in the world to sleep. Galway hotels charge more on average than hotels in Tokyo, Singapore, and San Francisco. Visitors to Galway will best save money by booking their stay at an inn or hotel outside of the city.

As a recent article in the Irish Independent notes, the national average price of hotel rooms in Ireland is about $170 a night—below the average of $224 nightly hotel rates in Britain, and also below the average of $185 a night average hotel rate across western Europe.

Another option is to book a vacation package that includes stays at bed-and-breakfasts, which are cheaper than hotels. Here's one deal: Seven nights' accommodations and a five-day rental car from $599 per person, based on double occupancy, via Brian Moore International Tours. Details, here.

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