Gay travel recap: TripAdvisor responds

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When I recently complained on this blog that TripAdvisor plays it a little too straight, I wasn't sure I'd get any response—or even if I deserved one. But we recevied more than 40 wide-ranging, insightful comments from readers. (Thanks!)

Here's one from TripAdvisor itself:

Thanks to Sean, and everyone who has written a comment about additional content you would like to see on TripAdvisor. We are continually improving our site, and feature changes are frequently based on traveler suggestions. Whenever people advocate for a new data stream or filter, we evaluate adding it to the site, and we do plan to make that evaluation around gay & lesbian-friendly data collection.

In addition, we're currently working on a gay & lesbian-friendly U.S. hotels list, and discussing the possibility of adding a gay & lesbian-friendly category to our Travelers' Choice Hotel and Destination awards. Topics on the Forums home page, including Gay Travel, all rotate so that each is featured for a period of time.

While we can't adopt every suggestion we receive, our goal is to add the features that will help more travelers better plan their trips. We encourage travelers to keep the feedback coming so we can continue to improve our site.

Thank you,

April Robb

Social Media Program Manager


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