Gear: A money belt that's actually a belt

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For years, I've had mixed feelings about money belts, which aren't really belts but are instead pouches that you loop into your belt line. On the one hand, these pouches keep your money and documents out of reach of pickpockets. On the other hand, the nylon material is often uncomfortable to wear, especially during warm weather. And in the event that you are actually mugged, a criminal may be able to spot its bulging pattern under your clothes and force you to hand your valuables over.

One solution is the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt, sold at stores like REI and at for between $12 and $15.

I was reminded of this belt by a video on YouTube by Mathew Honan of how easy it is to use. (Honan says he wore the belt during a recent trip to Nicaragua):

If you have found your own solution for carrying valuables, feel free to share it by posting a comment below.


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