Gear: First checkpoint-ready laptop bag to hit stores in October

Courtesy Targus
Put your laptop in the left pouch, and you won’t have to remove it for airport screening

Hate having to take out your laptop for TSA inspection? We do, too. As we anticipated, manufacturers are racing to sell laptop bags that can meet TSA standards and allow screeners to catch a clear scan of the laptop without needing to remove it from a bag.

Targus, manufacturer of laptop computer cases and other travel products, has previewed its Zip-ThruTM 15.4” Corporate Traveler Laptop Case, the first announced checkpoint-friendly laptop case.

The bag will be divided with the laptop on one side in a cushioned pouch and your other belongings in the other half.

This morning, the Detroit Free Press described how the bag works:

Open it up, lay it on the conveyor belt and let it pass through. Pick it up at the other end, secure it shut and you're on your way.

The bag will be black (surprise!) and made of an impressive-sounding "durable ballistic 1680 denier nylon." It measures about 17 inches by 6.5 inches by 14 inches, and weighs less than pounds. It will sell for around $99 when it goes on sale in October.


Gear: Laptop bags that will pass the TSA test

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