Gear giveaway alert

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Underway right now is stretch of travel gear giveaways at TrustyPony, my favorite travel gear review site. With a plummeting economy plus rising fares, site owner Berit Thorkelson figures that it's a super time to use the words "free" and "travel" in the same sentence.

Giveaways include a Lands' End staked beach blanket, a budget backpacker/camping set (including items featured in this gear story that Berit wrote for Budget Travel and a fancy photog-friendly LowePro backpack. After the giveaways, the site will spend a week suggesting inexpensive gift ideas for travelers, too. (Of course, the site in general is a great source for gift ideas for travelers.)

What do you have to do for a chance to win a product? Post a comment on TrustyPony.

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