Give us your tips for cheap travel

Courtesy Library of Congress/Flickr
Commuters in Lowell, Mass., 1941

In a couple weeks we'll be pulling together a special issue of our newsletter—a cheap edition. We'll cover methods that aren't merely value-conscious or sensible, but that take saving money to a new, rock-bottom level.

Do you flee at the crack of dawn to avoid staying an extra night in a hotel room? Or perhaps you've considered packing an inflatable pool raft to use as a makeshift bed, as the self-explanatory website Sleeping in Airports advises? Or maybe your methods are as simple as hitting up a local market or grocery for unique (and extra-economical) souvenirs that end up puzzling as well as delighting friends and family.

We'd love to hear your tips—whether you've actually tried them out or not. And keep an eye out for our upcoming newsletter, which will include some of the ideas that really caught our eye. Post your tips below by Monday, 13 October.

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