Holiday travel: Tips from Yahoo's travel expert

Pablo O'Brien

News flash: Yahoo! recently conducted a travel survey and found that people cited economic conditions as the No. 1 reason for cutting back on holiday travel this year.

What to do? Pablo O'Brien, who oversees day-to-day activities at Yahoo! Travel, has offered his tips to save a little dough (and maybe sanity?) this holiday season.

Q: We all know that holiday travel is hard. What are your tips for making things just a little easier?

If you haven't booked yet, look for fares now and book right away—industry consensus is that prices are not expected to go down from here. Also look at fares in and out of smaller airports. During the booking process, I can't stress enough how easy comparison engines like Yahoo! FareChase make finding the best airfare, hotel or car options. They help find the best price for your budget, but without sacrificing the other realities that come into play when booking travel—flight times, preferred airports, etc.

Q: We've been hearing a lot about this Staycation trend. What's your take?

Being a passionate traveler isn't always about distance—if this trend helps people discover more of what's around them, I think it's great. We have added a couple of tools to help consumers enhance their local staycation vacations, such as a destination finder tool to help them find places to go that are within a specified amount of time away from home. Travelers can simply select a few ways to customize their trip that would be a good fit for a family or individual (e.g., family trip, on a budget, 2-hour drive, etc.). In addition, our events site has recently been revamped, helping consumers find a broader array of local events and activities in their area.


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