How Clean is Your Hotel Bed?

Hampton Inn bedHampton Inn Bed
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Sleep easier in your bed at Hampton Inn knowing your linens are fresh.

We've all heard horror stories from hotel maids about the things that get cleaned and the things that are often skipped after guests check out. Namely that the bedspreads and duvet covers that look spick and span may not be washed on a regular basis, mostly due to the cost of washing such heavy material every time a guest checks-out. But some hotels are taking measures to assure guests that they're sleeping on clean sheets with fresh duvet covers, bedspreads, and blankets.

Earlier this year, reported that BestWestern hotels around the world would start "I Care Clean," a new aggressive process involving the use of ultraviolet sterilization wands to clean commonly touched areas like light switches, telephones, and bathroom sinks. Items like remotes, pillows, towels, and blankets would also be wrapped so hotel guests would know they were fresh. The housekeeping staff at the 1,900 Hampton Inn hotels are going one step further to ease your stress—post-it notes will be left on headboards saying, "Duvet covers and sheets are clean for your arrival," to ensure guests that their linens are all fresh. The cleaning process isn't new, though. Staff at the hotel chain has been washing duvet covers and linens after every stay since 2006, but since so many people assume bed covers are dirty, the extra step reassures even the biggest germaphobes.

I've long questioned the cleanliness of hotel bedspreads. Every time we arrived in a hotel room on family vacations, my mother would insist we take off the bedspreads and toss them in the corner or stash them in the closet. She always talked about seeing blacklight hotel inspection specials on the news and reminded us that they were rarely washed. While it's become a habit for me now, it's still nice to know I can be a little less neurotic at Hampton Inns and Best Westerns.

What do you think about this? Does this ease your mind about the cleanliness of your hotel room? 

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