How to become a travel blogger


Why write a blog about your travels? Maybe it's because you want a chance to win $500 in our "Blog-Off Contest." Or maybe it's because you eventually want to become a professional travel writer like Rolf Potts, who explains how he jump-started his career in this blog post.

Or maybe you just want a more intense travel experience. At least, that was the case for friends Holly Corbett, Jennifer Baggett, and Amanda Pressner, who hit the road for a year to blog about their round-the-world travels. They call themselves The Lost Girls, and here's how they describe the main appeal of blogging a trip: "The simple process of articulating a personal travel moment and sharing it with strangers all over the online world can make you more appreciative and grateful for the opportunity you had to take the trip in the first place."

For 10 tips on how to start a travel blog, click here to read an online Q&A; with the Lost Girls.

And if you have a favorite "non-professional" travel blog (even if it's your own), let us know by posting a comment.

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