How to cope as the dollar loses value

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The dollar is hittingrecord lows against the euro and other currencies.

You don't need to spend a mint to have a vacation that leaves you grinning. Just choose a a country where the U.S. dollar goes farther.

Consider visiting Central and Eastern European countries that aren't tied to the euro. Prague, anyone? (Consider this real deal: Croatia Air/Cruise/Hotel, $2,295.) Or, further afield, Montenegro—the focus of a recent Budget Travel cover story.

Check out the budget travel costs of 94 countries. Note that Latin American countries are good values. (Check out this Real Deal in Honduras: Roatan Resort, 7-Nights, $939.)

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For an explanation of why the dollar is weakening,...

Blame a faltering American economy, the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the $800 billion Americans put annually on the nation's credit card. Interest rates are steady here but poised to move higher in Australia, New Zealand and Britain, so foreign investors are chasing higher returns by investing there, not here. Less demand for the dollar means a lower exchange rate. For Americans, that means higher prices.—via the Los Angeles Times

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