If you're flying today, brace for delays

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An FAA computer glitch early this morning crippled the flow of flight plans to air traffic controllers. The computer system failed at both of its locations, Atlanta and Salt Lake City, and for the second time in 15 months.

The glitch has been resolved, as reported by Today in the Sky and other media outlets, but it will likely take several hours to process the backlog of flights. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association issued a statement and notes that "airport efficiency is being cut by at least half at places like New York-JFK."

The FAA's flight status map confirms that delays are worst along the East Coast, as does FlightStats.com.

The NYT reports that AirTran Airways has announced that passengers with tickets for Thursday could re-book without charge, as is often done when there are storms.

Be sure to check with your airline before heading off to the airport!

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