Is the U.S. travel advisory for Mexico fair?

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Yesterday the U.S. State Department updated its travel advisory on Mexico stating, "violence by criminal elements affects many parts of the country, urban and rural, including border areas." The warning is in response to recent narcotics-related violence, and while there's no evidence that Americans have been targeted, the agency recommends that travelers to the country use caution in unfamiliar areas. Which made me think -- does Mexico have a similar travel advisory for people traveling to the U.S.? It doesn't, but perhaps it should.

In the wake of our country's deadliest mass shooting in history, it seems hypocritical to warn against perceived threats abroad. What do you think? Should visitors to the U.S. think twice before booking their next vacation here? Is it right for a single act of violence to mar the reputation of an entire nation? Should the global community be advised not to travel to the U.S? Let's hear your thoughts. --David LaHuta

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