It's like Expedia...only for bus travel

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A new website makes it easier to find the bus line and bus fare that fits your budget, schedule, and even your neighborhood:

Searching on allows users to select their departure and arrival cities, desired date, and number of passengers. It fetches the cheapest fares, listing multiple bus lines in a single window.

Helpfully, the site uses simple icons to say whether a bus line offers free Wi-Fi or outlets for laptop users. It's important to read those symbols to make sure you're getting the most perks for your dollar. You may not want to pay the lowest fare possible for a "Chinatown" bus line when you can spend a few dollars more to ride on a mainstay company line like Peter Pan, which has been around since the (truly) Great Depression.

A downside: isn't for bus riders nationwide, yet. The site checks buses in 20 17* states east of Kansas and north of Tennesse, plus a sprinkling of options north of the border, such as for Niagara Falls and Toronto. And it only does one-way searches! What's up with that?

—Julia Furlan for Budget Travel


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