It's prime season for epic, miles-long yard sales

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The treasure hunt is on at enormous yard sales scheduled for upcoming summer and fall weekends across the country.

Grab some cash (small bills come in handy), polish up on your negotiating skills, and hit the road in the weeks to come at one of many upcoming epic yard sales.

This weekend (July 30-31), for instance, the eastern part of New York's Finger Lakes region hosts the 50-Mile Garage Sale.

Next weekend (August 4 to 7), the absolutely ginormous 675-mile 127 Sale, which stretches along Route 127 from Alabama all the way to Michigan, takes place.

Looking forward, there are plenty of other huge yard sales scheduled: The 150-mile Heavenly Highway Yard Sale (September 9-10 in the Arkansas Ozarks), for example, and the U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale, concentrated in Texas and Louisiana (October 14-16).

As for the National Historic Road Yard Sale, which stretches over 800 miles from Maryland to Illinois, a little patience is required: The event occurs in late May or early June (in 2012, May 30 to June 3).

To find out about other yard sales, there are plenty of sites and apps to help organize a treasure hunt. Small-time (one house, or perhaps a block) sales generally don't have websites, but if the sellers know what they'll doing they'll post the event at Craigslist. As for the sprawling yard sales that run for miles and involve hundreds of sellers, check out the list of annual events at Yard Sale Dreamland.


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