It's Time for This Traveler to Hit the Road


I've decided to leave Budget Travel after five of the most amazing years I ever could've imagined. It wasn't an easy decision, because I truly love BT, but in every journey there comes a time to move on.

Someone once said to me that Budget Travel reads like the people who work there have fun, and we certainly do. Of course, it helps that BT staffers are smart, creative, and engaging—the kind of people you wouldn't mind sitting next to on a long airplane ride. I have learned and laughed every single day, and they have my deepest gratitude for all their hard work.

But I'd also like to thank the readers of Budget Travel. Not just for buying a subscription or perusing our online content, and not just for actually reading what we produce (though thanks for that!). Thank you for using this magazine. We receive letters all the time from people who've taken a trip they learned about in 40 Best Deals or stayed at a hotel that we recommended, and it's incredibly fulfilling for us. Thank you as well for contributing as much as you do: BT wouldn't be what it is without 20 Tips and True Stories.

On a personal level, thank you to everyone who has read these little essays of mine. I've written a lot about my partner, Adam, over the years, and I remain delighted by what a warm reception he has received (although you could've been nicer about my dog...).

What am I going to do next? I don't have a clue, and I find the possibilities exciting. Maybe I'll write, maybe I'll edit, maybe I'll move to one of our Coolest Small Towns and open a café. No matter what, I'll always travel, and I'll always read BT. And if I unearth any great travel tips, you know exactly where I'll be sending them.

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