How Much Would You Pay to Get Through Security Faster?

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A new fee from JetBlue can get you through security faster. But is it worth it?

You've likely seen them at the airport—the expedited security lines that business-class, first-class, and top-tier frequent flyers glide through while you stare wistfully. With a new Even More Speed program being tested by JetBlue, you could be one of those people. For just $10. Worth it?

The airline, as well as others, has been including passage through the expedited line when you buy other, pricier upgrades, according to an article in Travel Weekly. This is the first time a passenger can pay for the privilege as a stand-alone fee. The program is being tested out at 40 U.S. airports, including JFK and LaGuardia, O'Hare, Orlando, and both Dulles and Reagan airports in Washington, D.C.

How do you feel about this fee? If you are someone who is typically running late for flights, it might be a good idea. If you are usually early for flights, it might be worth saving that $10 for a snack while you wait at the gate.

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