JetAmerica, R.I.P.

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Some good ideas never take off.

We learned this weekend that JetAmerica, the upstart airline modeled after Europe's Ryanair and selling $9 seats, is never going to get off the ground.

It's sad: We had been enthused that an airline was going to connect smaller communities to larger aiports—with affordable fares (such as $99 to the Caribbean). Alas, it was not to be.

As the blog Gulliver points out,

The main problem for the fledgling airline was its inability to purchase landing slots at Newark Liberty International airport. Liberty was due to be a main hub for JetAmerica's flights to and from markets it thought were "underserved"—places like Lansing, Michigan; Vero Beach, Florida; South Bend, Indiana; and Toledo, Ohio.

Appropriately, all customers will receive refunds.

We agree with The Cranky Flier when he says:

I feel bad for founder John Weikle. He seems like a complete and total optimist who wants to bring service to small communities. It's an admirable goal, but so far I've yet to see a model come even close to working that can serve that purpose.

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