JetBlue offers more legroom for a fee

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Starting in April, JetBlue will offer passengers a chance to sit in seats that have 38 inches of legroom for a fee. That's four more inches of legroom than the other seats on JetBlue's larger planes. Fees will start as low as $10 one-way for short-haul flights, and must be paid for at the time of ticket purchase. The additional legroom on the longest journeys will cost an extra $20 one-way.

On JetBlue's larger planes (A320s), rows 2 through 5 and in the emergency-exit seats in rows 10 and 11 will feature the additional legroom.

On JetBlue's smaller planes (Embraer E190s), the service is offered for only for the emergency-exit-row seats.

To clarify its new policy, JetBlue's chief, David Barger, commented at an investor's conference that, "We're not going to a two-cabin airplane," meaning that the airline will not create a separate business class section.

The goal, not surprisingly, is to add more revenue, notes the blog Tripso.

JetBlue is also expanding to up to 10 gates at Orlando airport, increasing its flights from there to 18 other cities, including in the Caribbean and Latin America. Earlier this month, JetBlue inaugurated its first routes from Orlando, including daily nonstop service to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico. Later this year, daily nonstop service begins to Bogota, Colombia. The airline will continue to fly daily to Puerto Rico.

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