JetBlue revamps its rewards program

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On Monday, low-cost carrierJetBlue updates its rewards program.

JetBlue used to award TrueBlue points based on length of flight. Once you reached a point total, you received free flights.

Now, it's a bit more complicated.

Get six points per dollar spent on your flight booked on

It takes 10,000 points to earn a roundtrip flight for free.

Your points last forever, though, rather than expire after 18 months--unlike with most frequent flier programs.

Reach 3,000 points within 12 months and you'll receive a bonus of 500 points. Fly more than that and you may qualify for even bigger bonuses.

Using your JetBlue Card from American Express will allow you to earn TrueBlue points through ordinary purchases and without having to fly JetBlue.

Full details at

MORE FROM JETBLUE: Would you pay a flat fee of $2,000 (including taxes and fees!) for 12 roundtrip tickets, flying once a month? On Thursday, November 12, JetBlue will put on sale 3 passes for a new Flight-of-the-Month Club. Each pass is good for 12 consecutive months between December 1 and the end of November 2010. No blackout dates.

The fine print: There's only three passes for sale, and you have to use an American Expres card to buy them. The tickets can't be transferred to your friends or family. The person who buys is the only person who can fly.

DailyWish has the details.

If you travel to Puerto Rico, Cancun, the Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Bermuda, or some other international destinations on JetBlue, you will have to add taxes and fees of roughly $125 per ticket.

More boilerplate: If you don't fly on the trip you booked, you're out the money.

Once the Flight Pass has been redeemed and you have booked your flight for travel within the valid dates, JetBlue Airways change/cancel policies will apply: There is a $100 change/cancel fee. Customers who "no-show" or do not cancel at least two hours prior to departure will forfeit their reservation.

Gosh, I wish they'd offer more than just 3 of these passes for sale...

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