Joan Cusack

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Joan Cusack

The actress and comedian answers our questions

On her new TV show, Joan Cusack's Local Flavor, the two-time Oscar nominee traipses through Europe to explore the connections between food, family, and culture. Locals take her shopping at markets, show her how to prepare regional specialties, and invite her over for home-cooked meals. Along the way, Cusack stops at a vineyard in France, an olive farm in Italy, and a pastry shop in Austria. (Catch Local Flavor on the Travel Channel, Thursdays at 9 P.M.)

Window or aisle?
Depends on if I want to sleep or if I want to drink beverages and do some work.

What was the last thing you ate from a minibar?
The last thing I ate from a minibar...I think I used a disposable camera for my kids.

I won't leave home without...

The best trip I've ever taken? And why?
The best trip I've ever taken was to the hospital to give birth to my sons. And why? Because they make life a special place.

My dream trip?
To the Oscars to celebrate the movie we are currently producing about Julia Child.

The movie or book that inspired me to pack my bags?
Frankly, I have not had that experience.

My greatest travel pet peeve?
Being away from my family for work for too long.

How I deal with jetlag?
How do you?

If I could travel with any living person...?
It would be my family.

I'll never go back to ___________ and why?
My 20's. And why? First of all, it's impossible and second of all, youth is wasted on the young or whatever that great quote is.

If I could be anywhere right now?
I would be right where I am.

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