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In what seems like a very surprising move these days, Air Canada recently announced that it was dropping the $25 fee it had enacted to check a second bag on flights. The airline said it had decided to drop the fee in response to falling oil prices—a move that we here at Budget Travel thoroughly applaud. The fee change took effect on Sept. 23.

Air Canada implemented the baggage fee in the spring after several of the major U.S. airlines starting charging $15 to $50 to check a second bag—and in a few cases, a first bag. But Air Canada decided to put customer first when oil prices retreated this fall and drop the extremely unpopular fee. We're waiting for a U.S. airline to make the same move.

"Although the cost of fuel remains highly volatile and far above historic norms, the recent retreat in oil prices is enabling us to reinstate our previous baggage policy," Ben Smith, Air Canada’s chief commercial officer, said in a statement.

In a small sign of the willingness of the major U.S. airlines to be more reasonable on baggage fees, Delta, United, and American say they will not charge oversized-baggage fees to people checking ski and boot bags on flights to ski resort towns this winter, according to the Jackson Hole Daily. But there is one caveat for Delta and United—the ski and boot bags must weigh less than 50 pounds, combined.

The airlines normally charge as much as $150 per oversized item on flights.


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