Kudos to Continental

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My partner Adam and I used miles to book an upcoming trip to California, and then we decided to bring our dog, Howard, on his first flight, so we paid Continental $95 for each leg of the journey. Then we decided not to bring Howard (he's more of a private-jet kind of pug), so I called Continental. I figured I wouldn't get any money back, but you never know, and I wanted the airline to know we weren't bringing the pug in case some other passenger wanted to bring his/her dog (they have limits). To make a long story short (or at least to end it): Continental refunded the money! Maybe we're all just starved for affection when it comes to dealing with the airlines, but I thought Continental deserved a pat on the back (even if I'm not sure why Howard's ticket is so easily refundable when almost no one else's is...)

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