Kudos to TripAdvisor for including fees in its new fare search tool

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Already a popular site for hotel reviews, TripAdvisor hopes to win an even broader fan base with its new airfare-search tool. What makes its tool such a welcome innovation is that when you search for plane tickets, the site fetches fares that include the estimated fees for baggage and other services in the price quoted. The site trolls the Web for fares from airlines and online travel agencies, such as Travelocity. Users are then forwarded to those sites to make their purchase.

Even though its owned by Expedia, only TripAdvisor is including fees in its fare quotes. Let's hope that Expedia offers fee-inclusion as an option soon, too. Ditto, for other travel websites. Having the fee info included in fare quotes makes it easier for travelers to make apples-to-apples comparisons.

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