Left-Handed Travelers Face Hassles

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Southpaws may have a harder time traveling that right-handed people do.

A hand, please, for Vijay Dandapani, who pointed this out in a blog post this week.

Dandapani, the president of Apple Core Hotels, a chain of New York City properties, blogged:

"[Common hassles] include toilet tissue holders in hotel bathrooms that are more often than not for the convenience of "regular" right-handed customers to writing desks with sockets and hook-ups that require southpaws to stretch more than others."

About one in eight Americans are lefties. Those who travel may find that ordinary tasks, like trying to lift luggage into an overhead bin, can be difficult if a wheelie bag is designed for right-handed people. Some southpaws struggle with rollaboard if there is no side handle on the left-side of the bag.

What is the biggest problem that left-handed travelers face? Or are there no problems, and should southpaws quit whining?

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