London: On our radar, a new exhibit to entertain the kids

Courtesy Natural History Museum
One of the fishes you'll meet at The Deep exhibition.

Entertaining children during a London vacation is easy the first few days because they'll be fascinated by the castles, redcoat soldiers, and Harry Potter-like street signs. But by day three, you may need to come up with some new surprises.

So you'll be glad to know that this week Britain's Natural History Museum opened up a kid-friendly exhibition: The Deep gives visitors a glimpse of the abysmal ocean depths—regions of our planet, which have been less visited by humans than outer space.

Exhibits include ultra-rare specimens brought up from the deep by the HMS Challenger expedition: like shimmering jellyfish, angler fish with whisker-like organs longer than their bodies, ten-foot wide spider crabs, and a replica of a colossal giant squid. There's a huge Sperm Whale skeleton, too, which has never been exhibited before. Kids may particularly like a life-size model of the steel-hulled bathysphere submersible used to explore the abyssal plains and trenches. There are a host of interactive displays, games, and short movies to educate and entertain your kids.

Tickets, $12. Open through the summer until September 4,


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