London prices are coming down

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Not only has the buying power of the dollar in Britain jumped about 25 percent since last summer, but the cost of goods and services in London has gone dropped dramatically relative to other cities. "London has slipped below New York for the first time since 2002," according to a survey by The Economist.

The British government is teaming up with its tourist industry to blitz American airwaves with travel promotions shortly. So if you've been considering a trip to England this summer, hold off for a week or two to see what offers may be coming along from British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and the Visit London website. Also check out the site British Tourism Week (which is next week) for trip inspiration.

If you're young and happily impatient, you can enter a contest for cheap London tickets that's being run by STA Travel—the largest youth and student travel agency in the world. Through tomorrow (Friday, March 20), you can win one of ten chances to get a $399 roundtrip-ticket (including taxes and fees) to London by calling 800/360-9273 or your local STA Travel branch.

Today's Real Deal:

This eight-night guided tour takes you from bustling London through the picturesque Lake District to Shakespeare country and Roman baths—plus a stop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Most meals, local transportation, and taxes are also included for $1,299.

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