Luggage Theft: A couple may have stolen nearly 1,000 bags

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Nearly 1,000 pieces of luggage entrusted to the airlines went the way of Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart in the past couple of years, vanishing from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The airlines made passengers fill out piles of paperwork and provide lists of items in the lost bags. They were stuck reimbursing the losses, liable for roughly $1,000 per passenger.

So where did those hundreds of bags go?

Police think they've discovered the mother hoard. On Thursday, they arrested a couple in Waddell, Ariz., on charges they stole nearly 1,000 pieces of baggage over the course of a year.

The suspects Keith King, 61, and his wife, Stacy Lynne Legg-King, 38, were "booked on suspicion of burglary and possession of stolen property," according to The Arizona Republic. Police say they caught King on surveillance video. Apparently the couple tried to make money by selling the contents of the stolen luggage at yard sales and flea markets.

A TripAdvisor poll of 1,830 respondents this week asked, "Are you concerned about the security of your luggage at baggage claim?"

Always: 32%

Often: 26%

Rarely: 31%

Never: 11%

Phoenix airport officials admit that they had stopped posting guards at baggage carousels to examine baggage-claim checks.

Do you think guards should be posted to monitor the baggage carousels?


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