Marrakech Uncut

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Want to see what it's actually like to wander the markets and serpentine alleys of Marrakech? Our videos capture the rough-and-tumble allure of the bewitching Moroccan city.

Video 1: While on a shoot in Marrakech, photographer John Kernick stopped for drinks at Café Glacier, which overlooks the main square Jemaa el-Fna. It was just before sunset on a sultry day during Ramadan, and music floated up from the square. "The café was packed," says Kernick, who remembers a tangible sense of anticipation as the patrons poised to break their fast.

Video 2: Kernick and his crew headed back to their hotel through the medina's maze-like streets. They had to vie for space with locals using all sorts of transportation: bikes, scooters, donkey carts, trucks, and their feet. The medina "was so alive with people running around all over the place," he says. "The space is quite confined, and you get stuck in this spot with all these smells of food and dead animals and exhaust, it's pretty intense. I guess that's the thing that sticks in my mind the most."

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When U.K.-born Kernick isn't on the road for food- and travel-photography assignments, he's back in New York City, which he's called home since 1989. You can find him online at

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