Molvania through the back door

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It's been several years since the first edition of Molvanîa: A Land Untouched By Modern Dentistry was published. But it remains the best guidebook to this imaginary country (from $11 on Amazon).

Molvanîa (pronounced Mole-VAH-knee-ah) has been described as a small, land-locked republic in eastern Europe. The Molvanîan national flag, the "Molvanîan Trikolor", is unique in that it has only two colors. (See the flag on the country's Wikipedia entry.) Notably, the country is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the monotonous Great Plain.

The guidebook offers practical tips on getting to know the locals. A pronunciation guide includes useful phrases such as "What is that smell?" ("Sprufki Doh Craszko?") and "Does it always rain this much?" (Dyuszkiya trappokski drovko?)

The nation's most celebrated pop star is Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik, whose 2006 hit song "Elektronik Supersonik" became a viral sensation on YouTube (shown here).

Molvanîa, while proud of its past, also embraces its future. The capital city's music scene is a vibrant, charming blend of the ancient and the modern. Artists often perform in cozy wine bars that are made out of converted catacombs and torture chambers.

Sadly, the guidebook's nightlife listings have become out-of-date. We advise you to instead consult the Molvanîa forum on For a map and other details about Molvanîa, see

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