Movie Quest: Florida

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It turns out that Florida's tourism office has created an online guide to movie-quest (and TV-quest) sightseeing in the Sunshine State: Movies in Florida.

Moviegoers might argue over the most interesting film ever shot in Florida (Apollo 13? True Lies? All About the Benjamins? The Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan series?), but why bicker over one spot when you can visit a bunch of 'em. Okay, so some of the movies mentioned in the guide are kind of lame (Clambake, for instance), and a few of the films only had a few minutes of on-screen film actually filmed on location in Florida (such as Midnight Cowboy, with only the closing sequence shot there), and a couple of the movie locations are in the Charlotte Harbor area, a region that's pretty dull except for the Everglades. But who's bitching?

Some films were obviously shot in Florida (Apollo 13, Goldfinger, Cocoon), but others are surprises, such as Day of the Dead and Meet the Fockers.

See the full list here, and you may find your curiosity sparked. Info on maps, hotels, etc., can also be found on the site.

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