My Town: New York City

Tara Donne

Top picks from Budget Travel readers who live in some of our favorite places.

The city feels like an endless buffet, but it's hard to know where to begin. To find the best cuisine from all over the world, I ask taxi drivers to take me to their top spots. They always surprise me. —Layne Mosler, 35, creator of

Everyone needs to get lost in the Strand, an 80-year-old family-owned bookstore. If the shop lined up all of its volumes, the result would stretch 18 miles (828 Broadway, —Elena Snyder, 33, lawyer

A line starts snaking through the lobby at Le Parker Meridien by noon for the city's most bizarrely located dive: Burger Joint (119 W. 56th St., burger $7). —Ryan Servais, 26, foreclosure prevention counselor

The Ravel, a 63-room boutique hotel across the river in Long Island City, has skyline views and swank rooms for a fraction of what you'd pay in the city (, from $99).

Part boutique, part bar, The Dressing Room sells clothing by emerging NYC designers (75A Orchard St., —Aisha Thomas, 36, hotel concierge

Head up to the High Line, a new elevated city park, where you can walk all the way from Gansevoort to 20th Street ( —Eugene Ashe, 44, playwright

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