New Apps Let You Create Animated Photos

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Two new appsKinotopic and Cinemagram—allow you to capture a two-second video and then turn it into a photo where only some scenery moves.

In other words, you create a hybrid of a photo and a video, choosing one part of your image to stay in motion.

For example, one user has kept in motion flowing fountain in London's Trafalgar Square while leaving the rest of the square motionless.

Another has kept the Mexican flag billowing in the wind while leaving the rest of Mexico City's Plaza de la Constitución still.


Here are details on the two apps:

Kinotopic debuted in December. It has already more than 140,000 users. It stands out for offering video stabilization and an easy-to-use editing tool. The free app is only available for Apple devices, downloadable from iTunes.

Cinemagram creates similar .GIFs, but it excels for adding four filters, which enable users to give Instagram like shadings, such as retro Polaroid-style tintings, to images. One tragic flaw of Cinemagram is that it doesn't give users a way to make their images private.* We hope they fix that soon, so that travel photographers can feel free to experiment in this new genre without everyone looking.The app costs $2 and is only available for Apple devices through iTunes.

*POST CORRECTED, with privacy update on 2/23. (Thanks, Adam!)

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